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We believe that paying us to come and objectively tidy your PE cupboard represents fantastic value for money. We take everything out, sort it all into the correct bags and boxes and assess the best way of maximising the space that you have. Often this can be removing existing shelving, and we are happy to do this as well as add hooks, boxes, labels and everything else that is required to make sure that the cupboard is fit for purpose and accessible once again.


The greatest benefit that we have found from this service is that schools find equipment that they didn't realise that they had! Often there is everything that you need hidden away in the cupboard, so clearing it all out and and starting again often actually saves you money on equipment that you thought you were going to have to buy.


We also produce a stock list for you as a matter of course, which helps you to plan ahead for the next budget. 


The service costs £75 + vat, or is free to any schools spending more than £500 on equipment. 


These are some of the many cupboards that we have tidied so far..



We also can build bespoke solutions to your storage problems, such as this special trolley to fit all these mats on underneath a school stage.

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