About Us


Having worked as a Primary School PE Coordinator for over 10 years, I firmly believe that there is a market for a personal service with regards to supplying PE equipment. Catalogues and on-line shopping can't offer guaranteed satisfaction, and very often there are hidden delivery costs, assembly, ambiguous equipment descriptions and other complications involved. At Lancs PES we want to help school PE co-ordinators, School Sport Staff and Leisure Centre managers to buy the right equipment at the right price, and to reduce their workload by pumping the balls up, assembling any items and actually delivering things straight into the store-cupboard. We'll even tidy the store room / PE Cupboard for you whilst we are there! Furthermore, if things aren't right then we will come back and sort them out at no extra cost to you- far better than trying to return equipment through a catalogue or an on line site. 


We also have an extensive range of HIRE equipment for schools who don't want to spend large amounts of money on Gym equipment or Fitness Equipment that also needs storage. Please see our HIRE page to find some great ideas on loan equipment.


All our equipment is supplied in conjunction with local sportshop DJ Pratts, who have have enjoyed an unrivalled reputation in East Lancashire for quality and service for over 90 years.


Our supply doesn't stop at schools and colleges - we can supply any clubs and Leisure Centres who want quality equipment..just get in touch.  

Our 2017 Brochure is now out and available to be dropped off with you whenever convenient - just send us an email and get in touch. 





Mike Caton.